Individual and Small Group Training

Individual/Small Group Training- 

Our Individual/Small Group Training is the best way to get the individual attention to improve your game that is not always available in a team training setting. Each session is tailored to the individual based upon the needs of his or her game. Run by ex-professional player and our current Assistant Director of Coaching, Cory Weaver, we highly encourage you to check out this program if you are serious about improving your game. Cory has extensive experience in personal sessions with both youth and college level players during his time as an Assistant College Coach and a Club Coach. 

Throughout a 1 hour session, players will receive hundreds of touches on the soccer ball as well as specific exercises and technical focuses just for them. Areas of focus include, but are not limited to, improving quickness and agility with the ball, position specific training (i.e. Center Attacking Mid Play), and improving ball striking ability. There are a variety of settings ranging all the way from 1on1 sessions to 5on1 sessions. We also encourage players to book sessions in groups of 4 or 8 sessions to see the most improvement over a consistent period of time. Each setting and package has it's own benefit and we encourage you to talk with Cory directly to see what is best for you. 





Individual/Small Group Training Prices

If you have any questions regarding our individual/Small Group Supplemental Training, you can reach out to Cory Weaver directly at

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