COVID-19 Club Updates

CVU will be posting regular updates in regards to our club and the COVID-19 Virus. Please look below to find out information about our Spring 2020 season and programs. Most recent updates will be listed at the top.

3/27/2020 UPDATE

We hope everyone is doing well in the midst of all the uncertainty with the COVID-19 Virus. CVU wanted to provide a quick update about the club's plans moving forward for this Spring. At this time, we are following the guidelines set in place by the governor for the month of April - all programs at the club are currently suspended. 

That being said, we are still hopeful that we may be able to resume play in May. We are looking into our options of running modified schedules and/or additional training and activities. Details of these possible changes and additions are still being finalized and we will email and post updates on our website as they become available. 

This is a very fluid situation and - as updates come from our local, state, and federal government - we will adjust accordingly. In the case that we are not allowed to resume play this season, CVU has alternative courses of action in mind. We ask that all families please remain patient. Over the next few weeks we hope to get a clearer picture of what the future will be like and will update families on the club's next steps of action at that time. 

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding during this time of uncertainty. We hope everyone stays safe and healthy. As always, you may reach out to us at

CVU Staff

3/25/2020 UPDATE

Our CVU Board is meeting this week to discuss our options in regards to our programs and players. The club is looking at the possibility of additional programming and whether or not we may be able to offer anything over the Summer months. The CVU Board will be looking over club finances and player payments to determine the best course of action on a program by program basis. 

We understand that this is a new situation for everyone and it is unknown what may happen over the next few weeks and months. We are working on a day by day basis to make the best decisions we can - both for our club as a whole and for each of our players. It is unfortunate that we are unable to offer our Spring season as planned and our Staff and Board Members continue to consider all options while taking into account the statements made by our Governor, the CDC, and the governing bodies of soccer in the Commonwealth.

CVU would like to thank all of our players and families for their patience and understanding during this time. We hope to have more answers for you soon and we will remain available for contact via email. 

3/19/2020 UPDATE 

Message from the Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA):

"Dear Members: We hope this message finds all of you and your families, staffs, and club members doing well as we all try to adjust to the new normal of social distancing and restricted in-person activities...Most of us across the state have heeded the warnings of our governmental leaders and public health authorities.  We understand that social distancing is a responsibility that we all share, and that we can defeat this virus only if everyone does their part.  Indeed, we are not aware of a single recreational club or travel league across the state that has not stepped up to postpone their Spring activities... Accordingly, VYSA is strongly recommending to our member organizations that they suspend, at least through April 12, 2020, all activities that would create such in-person engagements.  This would obviously include league and tournament matches and scrimmages, but also team practices/training, tryouts, and in-person group meetings...We will continue to monitor the recommendations from government and public health agencies and will continue to keep you informed of changes as events warrant."

-- The VYSA Board of Directors

3/16/2020 UPDATE 

New schedule for Soccer Sisters. There will be no sessions between March 16th and April 13th. As of now, CVU is looking to uphold the five sessions originally offered and resume Soccer Sisters after Spring Break. We will now be meeting on the following Mondays: 4/20, 4/27, 5/4. and 5/11. Dates have since been changed. All CVU activity is suspended through April, 2020.

3/13/2020 UPDATE 


3/13/2020 UPDATE 

CVU Players and Families,

Our Club considers the health and safety of all of our members a top priority. With the current state of the COVID-19 Virus, CVU recognizes the importance of communication and will be providing updates regarding our club and programs to all of our members.

With such an uncertain situation, we will be suspending all CVU programs and activities at this time. This suspension will continue through Sunday, March 29th, 2020. During this time:

  • All Travel, Futures, Academy, and Recreation practices are cancelled
  • No games will be held for Travel, Futures, Academy, or Recreation
  • Soccer Sisters will not be meeting for any sessions
  • Referee Course on March 21st has been postponed
  • The CVU Complex is closed

CVU is working diligently to try and plan ahead – staff are looking to make up all missed activities on future dates with the possibility of extending the season. We understand that this choice may be inconvenient, but please note that this decision has been made in the interest of public health, taking into consideration the decisions of other youth sports organizations and the governing bodies within our sport.  

CVU will continue to manage the situation as best as we can and adjust accordingly. We will be taking things day by day and provide updates and information regularly.

Please direct any questions or concerns you may have to our office email address at


CDC COVID-19 Resources for Households

Virginia Department of Health Coronavirus Summary  


Thank you,

CVU Staff



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