Winter Indoor Soccer

 Winter Indoor Soccer

Our CVU Winter Indoor Soccer program is the perfect place to keep your skills sharp over the Winter months with indoor Futsal Training. Futsal is the only officially sanctioned game by FIFA - the governing body of soccer for the entire world! Played with a heavier soccer ball that does not bounce, Futsal encourages players to develop their skills by learning to control the ball on the ground and to develop comfort in handling the ball in tight spaces.

Futsal promotes quality touches, eliminates the injuries associated with wall collisions, and is an affordable indoor soccer opportunity. This program allows for further skill development in a different environment. The hard court surface and smaller ball create a game where ball control and passing in small spaces are the ultimate focuses of play.

CVU Winter Indoor offers ten 1 hour and fifteen minute training sessions. The program generally meets twice a week with dates scheduled over the months of December and January. Sessions are held at one of several indoor facilities throughout Lynchburg. More information and details are released before the beginning of each season.


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Indoor Info for Winter 2019-2020: $99

December 16th - January 15th at University of Lynchburg's Wake Field House

Mondays & Wednesdays

5:15-6:30 Players Born 2007-2005

6:30-7:45 Players Born 2011-2008


Indoor Info for Winter 2018-2019

December 5th - January 13th at University of Lynchburg Wake Field House

Mondays & Wednesdays

5:15-6:30 Players Born 2007-2005

6:15-7:30 Players Born 2010-2008

7:15-8:30 Players Born 2004 and Over



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